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developing, transforming & impacting unto sustainable livelihoods.

Together, we can make a difference in our world today. Let your organization partner with ours to get started on how we can bring development to our world today.

Human Development

We seek to build human capacity with emphasis on development. We  promote human development ideals that makes the world a better place.

Trade Development

We empower partner organizations and countries to develop, manage and implement  trade development strategies.

Food & Health Development

We develop new food products and provide  support services including food product research, food development and a whole lot more

Cultural & Educational Development

We conduct research and create awareness on new nutritious foods, drinks,  beverages and recipes, raw farm produce and much more

Tourism Development

We come up with creative  strategies and plans to increase/develop/encourage tourism for a country to make for a healthy workforce and populace as well as wealth creation. 

How We Do

What We Do to Make a Difference

Our Mission is to transform lives through uncompromising commitment to quality & healthy lifestyle, capacity building, culture, trade and development.

Adult And Child Welfare Development

To contribute to adult, youth development and child welfare.

Empowerment and Sensitization

Empowerment and sensitization of all, from all strata of society through the development of courses and massive education campaigns in various special sectors of the economy/society.

Hunger Eradication

To bring an end to global hunger, gender segregation in certain occupations, unemployment, poverty, stress and ill- health.

Food Awareness

To create awareness of relevant foods and allied foods, goods and services globally.

Trade and Investment Opportunities

To foster trade investment and exhibition opportunities

Sustainable Development

To build a sustainable and equitable world for the present and future generation

Communication Development

Bridging communication gap and fostering trade and culture through the study of foreign languages.

We do these through...

We deploy the following channels in carrying out our missions and objectives


Where we engage in intensive and practical discussions


Where we have formal meetings with policy makers & professionals


Where we create an academic settings to impart knowledge


We have strategy sessions with the game changers

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This year’s edition of the Annual International Food & Allied Workshop will hold as follows:

Monday 14th - Friday 18th

November 2022

Annual International Food & Allied Workshop

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Annual International Food & Allied Workshop

Health Dew

June 2023

Watch out for our upcoming program in November, 2022 in USA, UK and Africa respectively – HEALTH DEW, designed to relieve stress, alleviate social anxiety, curb ailments/diseases, improve overall happiness and enthusiasm will hold in June 2023.

  • Choose good health over everything else.
  • Fall in love with taking care of yourself.
  • Reset and relax while disconnecting from the outside world.
  • Take a mental health vacation from your busy lifestyle.
  • Join other busy executives and lovers of good health for the rejuvenation of the body. 
  • A visit to the resort center.
  • Regain your health and happiness.
  • Be attended to by qualified doctors for thorough medical examination, nutritionists and other professionals for inner well – being that makes for profound changes and transformation of life.
  • Enjoy healthy eating and relaxation programs.
  • Rejuvenating therapies for immunity and harmony in the body.
  • State -of -the- heart accomodation.
  • Carefully planned organic meals to detoxify and nourish the body.
  • Cooking demonstrations for you to integrate healthy foods into your daily life. 
  • You will leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.